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Experience vs. Expertise: There is a Difference!

Written by Carl Lavallais  |  Found in: Blog

“Inexperience is expensive.”  Often pastors, board members and building committees spend years attempting to address their current facility issues, assess their needs, acquire property, engage an architect, estimate their borrowing capacity, initiate a capital giving campaign and then invite a builder to construct what has already been agreed to by others.  This all sounds great, but generally inexperience is expensive.  Time, energy, focus, attention, morale, goodwill, trust, influence, witness/reputation and dollars ($$$...) are usually SPENT in ways that would have COST much less if the approach were different.  Some churches never recover from the process.

“Experience is expensive.”  Often church leaders are chosen and relied upon to make construction-related decisions because of their church or corporate experience.  Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes not.  Experience in other areas does not always translate into understanding the uniqueness of church construction.  Experience informs and influences our thinking, but may also hinder our objectivity or creativity in both facing the challenges and considering the options of construction projects.

“Expertise is Inexpensive.”   When a church hires an expert, it gets more than experience.  It gets a knowledge base, wealth of information, broad perspective, critical thinking, industry secrets, current trends, best practices, specialized skills and a network of partners that amounts to an INVESTMENT, rather than an expense.  Hiring a church construction expert with experience is the most prudent decision that a church can make as a wise steward and good business decision.  It saves money!