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Expertise is Inexpensive: Do you want Money Back?

Written by Carl Lavallais  |  Found in: Blog

The posting on the wall says, “ASE Certified Mechanic.”  The degree on the wall says “Doctor of Medicine” or “Juris Doctor.”  They are all impressive accomplishments, but not quite the same.

So would you rush to your mechanic to repair a heart valve?  Would you call up your attorney to change your spark plugs?  Would you seek your doctor’s advice in handling a civil lawsuit or traffic ticket?  Would you just choose to diagnose the problem, come to your solution and act alone?

Only in churches or other houses of worship or non-profit organizations, do we often decide that we can best do it ourselves.  Many are the stories of pastors, boards and leaders who have cost the church hundreds to millions by one bad decision or a chain of them.  If only, they had sought Expertise.

Don’t be fooled.  All expertise, like all degrees, is not the same.  Do your homework.  Ask the right questions.  Seek recommendations.  Check backgrounds. Validate presentations and promises.  Ask for information in writing.  Tour completed projects.  It is like kicking the tires. Once you have chosen the Expertise that meets your needs and fits your style, you will find out that Expertise is inexpensive.  Just ask the ones who did it themselves.  It is true for cars and construction!

Saving money by cutting corners always cost more in the end.  Not knowing what was not included in low bids costs you.  Not being familiar with codes and regulations or high efficiency solutions does it every time.  Hire Expertise and at the end you are sure to get Money Back on your next project.